In Endometriosis, women face the issue of growth if lining of the uterus that is known as endometrium. In this medical condition this lining grows other places like along the pelvis, ovaries and fallopian tubes. When this lining breaks down as the regular lining it starts menstruation. It creates infertility, severe cramps, heavy periods and cysts in women. In US about 5 million women have this problem. These endometrial tissues grow in bladder, bowel, cervix and vagina. This lining produces other parts of the body like lungs. There are several reasons of this problem and it is increasing day by day.


There is not specific cause due to which this problem occurs in women. The blood during menstruation cells flows back into the fallopian tubes. These cells grow and are rooted a new lining. The bloodstreams takes the endometrial cells in the entire body. The prime cause of this problem is infection. It is because of the combination of normal vaginal bacteria, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and many more. It occurs after childbirth and miscarriage. It produces after C-section and long labor. The danger of this condition is high after containing a pelvic procedure that is occurred vial cervix. These procedures are

  • Endometritis occurs due to the infection in Pelvic
  • Childbirth after C-section than vaginal birth
  • IUD intrauterine device placement
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Endometrial biopsy

Hormonal changes in women during menstrual cycle leaves impact on the endometrial tissues that causes the area painful and inflamed. It means the tissues break down, thicken and grow. The issues when break down nowhere to go and these are trapped in the women pelvis. It causes fertility problems, severe pain due to the periods, adhesion, scar formation and irritation.

You should consult your doctor when you feel lower back pain that occurs during cycle of menstruation, discomfort with bowel movement, pain during sexual intercourse, infertility, bleeding between periods or heavy menstrual bleeding, Menstruation cramps one or two weeks around, pain in lower abdomen during and before menstruation and painful periods.

Hormone Therapy

It is one of the important treatments that doctors prescribe to the patient. The use of the supplemental hormones gives relief from pain. It regulates the body monthly hormonal changes. It promotes the tissue growth it happen when a woman has endometriosis. These contraceptive pills are used to prevent from pregnancy. It leaves negative impact on fertility. The use of the vaginal rings, patches and birth control pills decrease the pain in less severe endometriosis.