Pregnancy Problems More Likely With Baby Boys

The majority of the women are curious to know the gender of the unborn baby. The signs you are having a boy in pregnancyis the important and the effective way to know the right gender. These signs are the pregnancy problems you will face with the baby boys. It is the fact that women face different problems during the pregnancy of girl and boy as well.

When a lady comes to know that she is pregnant the guessing game starts right from that time. Everyone starts to guess either fetus is a boy or a girl. It is the curiosity for the neighbors, relatives and friends to know about the gender of the unborn child. It is a fact as per the medical science that mother has to face different symptoms for every child pregnancy but it is the common impression from the olden times that women have some common symptoms that are different form the baby girl’s pregnancy. Gone are the days when people only rely on these signs you are having a boy in pregnancy. It is the time of technology when you can know about the gender through ultra sound. Here are some problems that will guide you towards the gender of your unborn child.

You will have the bumps like a basketball:

The one of the important and obvious issue is the heavy bumps like a basketball. If the pregnant women have the belly like a basketball then it means that she is carrying a baby boy in her womb.

Morning sickness:

The women with the pregnancy of the baby boy have to face the morning sickness, vomiting and nausea. In fact it is the obvious symptom of the pregnancy. If any woman facing the situation of morning sickness it means that she is pregnant with a baby boy. The frequent headache is another symptom of the baby boy’s pregnancy.

Heart beat:

It is another problem that a baby boy has heart beat less than 150 per minute. You can say to your doctor to check the heartbeat of your fetus that will guide you regarding the gender of your child. On the other hand, pregnant lady cannot sleep on her back due to fast heartbeat.

Dry Hands and Cold Feet:

The women having the dry hands and the cold feet during pregnancy, mostly gives birth to the baby boy. It is a known fact about the gender’s sign in the women.