Ever thought about why you have belly fat? The reason behind this is that the entire digestive process takes place in the abdomen. This makes the belly a highly prone area to accumulate fat. Fat has a higher tendency to store in the abdomen which is called “visceral fat” or “truncal obesity.”

There is a solution to “melt away” that fat in the right way. It involves weight loss and a healthy diet. Let us understand more about belly fat and how to lose it.

Causes of belly fat accumulation

The majority of us blame our diet when it comes to belly fat and try strenuous exercises and dieting. But, for many of us, it becomes difficult to lose belly fat and that perfect tone ripped abs.!!! Well, we have a solution for this belly fat which you have been longing to lose for years.

It is important to know the causes and eliminate them to reduce belly fat. Here are some causes of belly fat :

1) Stress

2) Unhealthy diet

3) Lack of exercise

4) Lack of water intake

5) Defective metabolism

6) Genetics

7) Hormones

8) Age

9) Alcohol and smoking

10) Chronic medications

Eliminate some of these causes and see the difference in melting away the belly fat.

Foods to reduce the belly fat

Green tea

● This is a super drink that can help you reduce belly fat.

● Green tea is rich in antioxidants which can help fight oxygen free radicals and reduce fat

● Green tea helps in boosting metabolism and this is the right way to lose belly fat.

Foods to reduce belly fat: Green tea

Nuts like walnuts, almonds

● Nuts are very rich in amino acids and proteins which can help you keep full

● These healthy munchies are good for a snack and help curb your cravings

● It also reduces your appetite so that you do not indulge in overeating

Foods to reduce belly fat: Nuts

Berries like cranberries, strawberries and don’t forget the Indian Gooseberry

● Berries are a great way to help reduce belly fat

● Berries help aid digestion and improve the metabolism

● Berries are rich in vitamins and minerals which keep you healthy and prevent ageing

Foods to reduce belly fat: Berries

Protein-rich food like eggs, meats, legumes, and whey protein(dairy).

● Protein is the building block for our body

● Eating protein-rich foods helps in increasing muscle mass and reducing fat loss.

● Studies have found that a high protein diet is very important for weight loss

Foods to reduce the belly fat: Protein-rich foods

Green smoothies

● A smoothie is everyone’s favourite

● The green vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals which help in weight loss

● Add a banana or honey that can add a dash of taste to your diet to reduce belly fat

Foods to reduce the belly fat: Green smoothies

High fibre foods

● Intake of fibre is great for the “No Hunger” Diet

● Fibre is a secret weight loss ingredient that helps in reducing the belly fat

● A high fibre diet should be included in every meal throughout the day

Foods to reduce belly fat: High-fibre food

Get rid of your belly fat. Start today!


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